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Why SuanPhlu.com



Natural Jewelry Products: Since 1992, we’ve always adhere to the sale of natural jewelry products, including natural ruby, natural sapphire, natural emeralds, natural emeralds and other precious stones and diamonds. Each product has a quality guarantee certificate with a photograph issued by SuanPhlu.com. 


Reasonable price: Since 1992, we’ve always adhere to provide you a reasonable price with the perfect, natural jewelry product.


Flawless Services: Usually prior to the shipment of a ring, SuanPhlu.com provides you with a service of changing the ring size, free of charge.  If you visit our company you can enjoy a free changing of ring size service, plus free jewelry maintenance services.



Free inquiry service: For products that have been sold, SuanPhlu.com will retain its details. You can always review it for free, you can simply enter the model no of the product into the search box of SuanPhlu.com and your product will be found. For the customers, we have preserved a full range of information, such as our jewelry products include the following: product photos, price, viewable certificate, product number, metal type, weight, gem type, quantity, weight, shape, size, grade, color, Net, cut, and with the number of drilling, weight, size, color, clarity, cut and so on.




Fast Delivery: All online sales of jewelry are available in  stock. After the confirmation of your payment, we will prepare your shipping delivery within 1 work day. For the bare diamond, after you have confirmed the diamond, and paid a successful payment, we will ship your diamond within 10 work days.


Formal invoices available: SuanPhlu.com provides each sold product a formal invoice in accordance to the real sales price, which will be send along with your product.


Safety Insurance Delivery: For your order, until it reaches your hand, SuanPhlu.com had already purchase a full safety insurance for your delivery.


Commitment to an assured product return: Our return policy gives you sufficient time of 30 days for you to determine whether you have made the right decision. This worry-free shopping provides you with security and confidence. If you purchase any product from SuanPhlu.com, within 30 days, for whatever reason you will be able to return the product. After the deduction of delivery fees, bank charges and other expenses, you will get a full payment refund.




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